• Machines : 500 recently purchaced machines are installed at SILEX today. On the other hand, 50 % of the installed piqueuses are equipped with thread cutter.
  • Automatic cutting room : production has to be fast and flexible enough to turn out a higher volume of smaller orders on tight deadlines, while keeping costs down and maintaining quality standards. What happens in the cutting room can tip the balance between profit and loss.
  • Production capacity : could reach 10 000 pieces per day. 
  • Organization : The flexible organization of SILEX permits it to be able to produce small quantities of specific items as well as big quantities of regular items, thanks to the coexistence de groupes cellulaires et de chaînes linéaires. 
  • Follow-up : That to a performing GPAO, the production team has a constant view of the production process and the productivity of the process.
Detailed statistics f worker's efficiency is analysed daily, to ensure efficiency and cost effectiveness.