SILEX, it is a professional and well established manufacturer of high quality textile products. We manufacture and provide CMT ,OEM/ODM (PRIVATE LABEL) services.

Originally IN 1974, SILEX was founded to produce night gowns, but since 1990 the company became sub-contractor to many well-known European corsetry brands. With over 45 years of experience, our company mostly treasures being one family of 400 members which share common convictions, values and long term vision.

We offer a comprehensive service for all our customers which means, we take care of all your demands and needs. We are 100% dedicated to our customers.

As a company, we have the latest technology in manufacturing and one of the best production management team in the industry. Working together with our customers, our work is finished to a very high quality using certified materials and JUKI / SIRUBA sewing machines. Our company has grown by offering and supplying customers with high quality apparel products.

By understanding customer needs and developing partnerships with suppliers, we provide the best apparel manufacturing.